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Don’t settle for less when you deserve the best.


More Power

With our super combined purchase volumes, we bring to you unmatched pricing advantage through continuous negotiation

Higher Privilege

Get access to vital market information, price trends, industry insights and stay ahead as a group

Premium Experience

Single Point Sourcing equipped with a Large team of experts & healthcare providers

Get Amazing Results with IdeaRX


Opportunity Assessment

Get a complete gap analysis done and receive alternative recommendations

Purchase Savings Plan

Request for a detailed purchase plan with item level savings

Operations Health Check-up

Get a quick audit to check procurement health and identify red flags

Are your profits not growing?

Don’t fill a Leaky Bucket.

We help hospitals do more

IdeaRX drives higher efficiency and superior performance with a comprehensive procurement solution designed to streamline and automate all your procure-to-pay processes


Spend Analytics

Track purchases & convert spend insights into financial benefits

Assisted Buying

Align your purchases to your strategies and get   best  quotes

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory to operate without overstocking or stockouts

Stock Audits

Verify quantities and condition of items in your pharmacy

Categories we serve


Lab Reagents


General Stores





Hospital Buyers Club

The first premium club in India for Healthcare Procurement. Avail exclusive rates via Contract Manufacturing, Gain access to all pharma market offers and Access a diverse pool of services.


Direct from Factory

Skip the middlemen and enhance your profits

Market Offers & Insights

Get vital market intelligence and achieve growth

Exclusive Rate Contracts

Discover special prices and boost your margins

Value Added Services

Utilize allied services and stay relaxed

Upgrade Now

Digital Tools for a Better Healthcare Management.

Comprehensive Hospital Management & Information Systems

Earn upto 20% Credit Points

Advanced Inventory & Sales Management Solution

Earn upto 20% Credit Points

Easy Vendor Integration & Collaboration Solution

Earn upto 50% Credit Points


  • Client Image

    IdeaRX's technology backed procurement solution has helped us save more than 15% on our purchases last year. IdeaRX is now helping us to bring down our inventory levels considerably and hence improve our cash flows significantly. With IdeaRX, we hope to soon completely outsource IT and Supply Chain for our entire network of hospitals. Apart from bringing in huge monetary value, we believe it this will help us focus even more on the single most important area of a hospital: "patient care”

    • Anosh Agarwal
    • Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital
  • Client Image

    “I started procuring few surgical items from IdeaRX after they provided me with some incredibly low pricing. Now, they handle my entire purchases. I am easily buying the same items and saving close to a lakh a month. They are a professional team who can deliver results immediately.”

    • Dr Elango
    • F.O.R Ortho Hospital, Chennai

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