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In this current market scenario where hospitals are dealing with shrinking margins, increased competition, and the need to  negotiate better prices, IdeaRX GPO gives hospitals of all sizes a chance to compete with the larger super speciality hospitals out there. By aggregating the purchasing volume of member hospitals, IdeaRX is able to negotiate competitive pricing from manufacturers & multiple vendors for a wide variety of products and services in the healthcare sector.

The rate contracts are a part of an intelligent software tool that allows you to compare and buy efficiently. You will be able to view savings at item level, return on investment and even ways to improve margins. Ultimately, if you are not buying from us, you are paying way too much!

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    “I started procuring few surgical items from IdeaRX after they provided me with some incredibly low pricing. Now, they handle my entire purchases. I am easily buying the same items and saving close to a lakh a month. They are a professional team who can deliver results immediately.”

    • Dr Elango
    • F.O.R Ortho Hospital, Chennai

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