Reduce Prescription Bounces.
Improve customer relation and increase sales.

IdeaRX.Care  provides an intuitive CRM tool which is integrated with the Pharmacy Sales module. IdeaRX.Care equips the hospital staff with information and action points to improve the patient relationship thereby increasing the sales significantly.

The tool enables the staff to capture prescriptions, report any bounces, reminds staff to follow up patients for repeat purchases. Since most of the non productive work is eliminated via automation of ordering and inventory control, the staff in pharmacy has 300% more time to focus on customers and hence impacting sales positively.

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    IdeaRX's technology backed procurement solution has helped us save more than 15% on our purchases last year. IdeaRX is now helping us to bring down our inventory levels considerably and hence improve our cash flows significantly. With IdeaRX, we hope to soon completely outsource IT and Supply Chain for our entire network of hospitals. Apart from bringing in huge monetary value, we believe it this will help us focus even more on the single most important area of a hospital: "patient care”

    • Anosh Agarwal
    • Dr Agarwal's Eye Hospital
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    “I started procuring few surgical items from IdeaRX after they provided me with some incredibly low pricing. Now, they handle my entire purchases. I am easily buying the same items and saving close to a lakh a month. They are a professional team who can deliver results immediately.”

    • Dr Elango
    • F.O.R Ortho Hospital, Chennai