Who we are?

IdeaRX is a well-funded startup founded by Ex-Googlers and IIM-A Alumnus. At IdeaRX
we are building innovative solutions which are disrupting how Procurement and Supply
Chain works in the 120 Billion USD Healthcare segment in India.

IdeaRX is a group Company of Ideas2IT Technology Private Limited and Dr.Agarwal’s
group of Eye Hospitals. Having raised investment and clinching Strategic partnerships
with multiple clients including the biggest Ophthalmology chain in the country, we are
looking at exponential growth in the next three years.

What we do?

At IdeaRX, we enhance profits for hospitals via spend aggregations, technology and data

Our CORE Values:

Build Trust : The collective building of trust across our network of hospitals, vendors, partners & the
company forms the very foundation of IdeaRX.

Breathe Customer Success: The customer lies at the heart of everything that we do. Ensuring that our customer succeeds at delivering their goal at patient care is what we strive for and what motivates us constantly.

Celebrate Collaboration: We believe in unified growth where all the members in the ecosystem come together to learn, support and help each other grow.

Inspire People: We believe in inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. Right from hospitals to the company, we are constantly working towards encouraging people to adopt better systems, better practices and deliver better outcomes.

Fuel Innovation: We believe that in an ecosystem that’s always rapidly changing, innovation & technology alone can help deliver effective solutions to all. IdeaRX is a pioneer in driving innovation and disrupting the ecosystem for good.

IdeaRX is a company born out of necessity. We care deeply about the world we live in and strive to build products that make the everyday exceptional. Our founding team has a proven track record of launching companies all of which has gone on to raise VC funding. This includes Pipecandy (funded by Infosys founders among others), Ideas2IT and Element5 (closed a recent funding round successfully with oversubscription a few months ago).

Why should you be working with IdeaRx?

  • We are strongly poised for a 30X growth within 2025
  • We are looking for someone who is motivated by a fast-paced and highly entrepreneurial environment with a CAN DO attitude.
  • We believe work is fun. We are just a lean team with the know-how and focus to execute what we promise. We are hustlers in getting things done. Everyone here makes an impact

What does your role look like?

a. It is a hunter role
b. Driving the sales engine via new client acquisitions
c. Owning and hitting/exceeding annual sales targets
d. Building and managing teams across remote locations
e. Scaling sales to pan-India
f. Defining data-driven action strategies in order to consistently optimize the business

What do we ask you to bring?

1. A hands-on person who is actively involved in on-the-field sales closures
2. Should have managed the sales of conceptual products
3. Should have managed the sales across at least 10 locations
4. Should have handled 3-4 different product lines
5. Should have handled the sales of new products to the market and scaled it
6. Healthcare Experience is a plus.
7. Understanding and to be able to communicate all 4 south Indian languages can be helpful


1. Have the benefit of independence of working in a startup along with the security of working in an enterprise
2. Will enjoy a culture where taking risks is encouraged and making mistakes is perfectly fine
3. Lofty Goals and Happy journey is practiced in every facet of life
4. An above-market compensation package. We’re prepared to pay for the very best
5. Employee Stock Options available for the right candidate
6. Unlimited Variable pay is an option
7. Open vacation policy and flexible holidays so you can take time off when you need it